MoKi: the Enterprise Modelling WiKi

Wellcome to MoKi home page!


MoKi is a collaborative tool for enterprise modelling. A detailed description of MoKi can be found here

Download MoKi

To obtain MoKi, please go to the download page.

If you want to have a look to the tool without downloading it, you can play a little bit with our on-line versions (check out the new prototype!).

Moki has been deeply tested with Firefox 3.0.x, 3.5.x, and 3.6.x. We suggest this browser to use MoKi.

Moki is the result of an active and on-going collaboration between the DKM Research Unit @ FBK and the Know-Center.

Moki is mantained by DKM Research Unit @ FBK.

The first version of the tool was developped within the EU project APOSDLEThanks to all the partners of the APOSDLE project for the lively feedback and discussions on how to develop a good modelling  wiki.